Frontline Youth

Front line Youth

At Bethany Church, we are about getting to know God, His Word and the great plans He has for teens. If you want to get to know some great people and have an awesome time, then this is where you'll want to be! Once each month we go to a local school gym and play games. On a service night, we start with some fun games, then move into worship led by some of our own youth and leaders, a teaching time. Between we have activity nights, either at Bethany Church or out on the town. You can check us out on Facebook under Front Line Hub to keep in the loop with our weekly and yearly events. Led by Pastor Ben and Natasha McPherson.

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  •  Frontline @ 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (ages 13-18) (Sept to May)

All Bethany Church student ministries are free to join. We provide free pick-up and drop-off for anyone who needs a ride. For more information, contact our church office.



  •  Rendezvous fundraiser (ages 13-18) TBA


  •  Youth Winter Camp (ages 13-18) TBA 


  • History Maker (ages 13-18) TBA
  • Camp Yukon Workbee


  • Womens Retreat (16+)
  • Mens Retreat (16+)


  •  Teen Camp (ages 13-18)


  • Bethany Church Retreat (open to all ages)


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