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Did you miss a sunday? Or if you just want to hear a message again; weekly teaching from Pastor Joel or Pastor Ben will appear here. Always encouraging, always current, and always free to listen to anytime.

Bethany Church Vaccination Passport Policy

Bethany Church, Whitehorse does not have an official position in regards to the Covid vaccine. We do affirm the choice to vaccinate is a choice based on personal conviction.

We are committed to comply with local government health and safety protocols.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, of which we are affiliated, does not have a position on vaccinations. If an individual has a religious conviction or reason for not being vaccinated, it would be a personal one. There is no clear theological determination on this matter.

In Regards to access to our ministries and services at Bethany, we envisage no circumstances in which we would exclude or screen out those who don’t have the vaccine passport, negative test certificate or any other proof of health or wholeness. This would be contrary to the spirit of the Gospel of Christ who said “whoever comes to me I will never cast out.” John 6:37

we are 'online only' until further notice

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We're a community of believers who know they're not perfect. Instead we're dedicated to knowing Jesus and showing Jesus. Life is rich and full of challenges and we believe it's best done together. So welcome to Bethany, we're saving you a seat!

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 gathering in our space again! Check out the events page for more details on how to be a part of our new sunday format!

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Our current building project will enable us to better facilitate the ongoing ministries and house their growth in the future. We believe its the best move for Bethany as the current status of the building is in need of some expansion and timely modernization.

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