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covid-19 response 

listen to the march 28 address from the senior pastor joel and rhonda.  

possible exposure at bethany


To all our Bethany Church Family: regarding March 8th &15th

This message was released by the Yukon Government Health Authority as of thursday the 26th. This is for your awareness and encouragement for cautionary behaviour. It behooves us as Christians to comply, to the best of our ability, to those in authority over us. Let us continue to do so without fear or disparagement, rather we must pray and encourage one another in these difficult times.

Pastor Joel Nettleton

covid-19 update

Bethany Church family,


We have some important news. As of Monday, March 16th, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Yukon has declared several broad new measures that directly affect our church services.


Directly affecting Bethany Church and Camp Yukon are:

Mass gatherings of more than 10 people are banned until further notice. Our Sunday services and all programs will be cancelled. We encourage members of our church family to continue to fellowship online with us every Sunday. 

In regards to all upcoming Camp Yukon related events, (kids/teen camp women's/men's retreat), we will make no further cancellations until new government announcements are made. Please continue to pray both for us and our government leaders in this difficult time.

Please keep in mid that our prayer network is very much active. as usual if you have any orayer requests you can contact Judy Thomas or the Church office:

        9867) 668-4877

We know this is unusual, but we are experiencing an unusual time. People of our church have been so understanding and “ready to do what it takes” to make it work. We will not be fearful or discouraged by any of this. We shall overcome!